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This cookie notice applies to, which is owned and managed by Arte Diamante Diamantes Industriais e Deroação Lda,and describes how we use the personal information collected by Cookies on our website.


Cookies are small information files that are sent to your computer or mobile phone when you visit a website. Cookies are sent back to the source site on each subsequent visit or to another site that recognizes that cookie. Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognize the user's device, allowing you to navigate efficiently through the pages, also remembering your preferences and improving the user experience in general.

Some of the cookies issued by the server will only take the duration of the session and expire when you terminate the browser. Other cookies are used to remember when a user returns to a site and has a longer period of time. 


The information we collect through Cookies, including those relating to personal data, is used for the following purposes:

A. Facilitate the use of our website: we use the information collected through Cookies to allow you to use the website. 

B. Analyze the use of our services: we use the information collected through Cookies to analyze how our Website is used and to prepare reports. We also use cookies to monitor your use of the Website and to improve the experience and quality provided to users

Cookies can be divided into the following categories:


These cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the site. Without these cookies, some services and options may not be available.


These cookies allow us to improve the use and performance of websites and provide various features. 


These cookies collect information about the way you use the websites. Help identify particularly visited content NOur website. In this way, it is Possible to adapt the content more orientated to your needs and, consequently, improve the offer of functionalities. These cookies do not collect personal data. 


These cookies are installed by third parties (such as For example Social networks). The main goal is the integration of social media content on our site, such as Plugins. Companies that generate these cookies have their own privacy policies.


Session: Expire when the user finishes the session.

Service: Related to some custom service within the site, with a maturity of less than 24 hours (24h).

Permanent: They are permanently installed in your browser and are activated each time you visit the site, provided you do not disable its use.


Our Site uses Social media plugins to allow the user to more easily share information with others. When you visit our Site, the operator of the plug-in that is on our site can place a cookie on your computer that will allow this operator to recognize people from their site who have visited our sites. If you have already accessed the social network website while browsing our site, the social network plug-ins may allow that site to receive directly identifiable information about the user who shows that he has visited our site.

Social media plugins may collect this information for visitors who log in to social networks, whether or not they have interacted specifically with the plug-in of our site. Social media plugins also allow the site of this social network to share information about your activities on our site with other users of this social network website. The Arte Diamante does not control any content of the social media plugins. For more information about plug-ins for social networking sites, you should review the privacy and data sharing policy for those sites.

Manage Cookie Settings


You can modify the configuration of your Browser Not to accept or to be notified each time you create a cookie. 

The ability to activate, deactivate or delete cookies can also be performed on your Browser. To do this, follow the instructions on your Browser The following links to the various official media of each:

Mozilla Firefox: Https://

Google Chrome: Https://

Safari: Https://

Internet Explorer:


Microsoft Edge: Https://

Disabling a cookie or a category cookies does not erase the cookie from your Browser, you need to perform the deletion manually. Please note that since this is a definition of your browser, this setting may also block cookies for other websites you visit.

You can get more information about cookies, including how to view cookies that were created on your device and how to manage or delete them using different types of Browsers In *. If you don't want your site visits to be detected by Google Analytics, go to Https://

* Please note that we cannot be responsible for the content of external websites.

By blocking or deleting cookies used by the Arte Diamante You may not be able to enjoy the full functionality of the site.


In case of doubt relatively To Present Warning of cookies, Can contact us In Any time Through the following contact:

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